Why Invest in a Photographer?---CT Children's Photographer

Today I would like to talk to you about the value of photography; why it costs what it does, why it's super important to have a photographer you like (and are comfortable with!), and why it's important to take pictures in the first place!


Which photographer do I hire?

Ok, so your friend has a nice camera... that's great! But there is so much more to photography than just owning a nice camera.(especially when you are taking pictures of kids! Mom's, you know!).

I'm blessed to say many of my clients have come to me again and again.  A photographer is like a hairdresser; when you like their style, their customer service, and the finished product you will return to them again and again.  I cannot stress to you how IMPORTANT it is that you hire a photographer because you feel comfortable with them and you like their style.  Couples, this is why it's important to have an engagement session with your photographer prior to your wedding!

My style might not be for everyone, and that's ok! But if you are going to invest in a photographer to capture and document your kids/family/wedding, make sure you are making the choice that is right for you!

Why do some photographers cost so much?

There is a constant struggle when you are a photographer and you LOVE what you do.  Trust me, we photographers wish we could take sessions for free, but the truth is we can't.  There are many factors that go into our pricing that many people don't see (trust me, it's a LOT more than just pushing the shutter button!).

Equipment: Oye, do we pay a pretty penny for top-notch photo equipment.  Camera bodies ALONE go from the $2,000-$4,000 range.  Lenses go for anywhere between $500-$2,000.  Don't even get me started on flashes, backdrops, and props.

Yes, a good photographer doesn't necessarily need the best equipment to produce great images.  But it sure does help!

Editing: Let me tell you, I do love editing.  But man, it takes a lot of time to edit each session.  Weddings especially!  I do have to say my turnaround time for images is pretty quick due to the fact that I get so excited to review the images I just took.  Like unbelievably excited.  Like, I will stay up until 2am editing because I am so excited.  But no matter what, it takes a lot of time for me to make sure each image is perfect for my clients.

Images:  I promise you I will give you the best experience and images I possibly can.  I make this promise with EVERY session I take.  I promise to act like a clown to get your child to smile naturally (and not the "cheesy" smile!).  I promise to wait patiently while you feed your newborn so she can fall back asleep.

When you photograph kids, there NEEDS to be a connection.  You can't just tell a two year old to "sit and smile"...trust me, if that works, you're really lucky!  You have to interact with the child, be the loudest, silliest person in the room so that kid looks right at you.  By choosing me to be your photographer, you are making an investment in beautiful images with real connection.


Products: I've scoured the land of photo labs to make sure I present you the best product I can find.  If I get a product back and say "Wow!" I know it's perfect for my customers.  I want my clients to be wowed and excited about their pictures just as much as I am.  But this also means I need to invest money into samples to present to customers and samples to make sure I've chosen the right lab for my products.

Customer service: I used to work at a high volume studio.  What was great for their business was during the busy seasons we would be photographing a new client every hour and a half.  But sometimes clients complained about feeling rushed; rushed while taking pictures, rushed while making a decision during the sales process.

I knew when I started my business, I wouldn't want my clients to feel rushed or feel that I didn't take care of them from start to finish.  This is why I only take a few sessions a week so I can devote time and energy to each client.  But, in order for me to take a smaller amount of clients, it means the cost of a session is a little more than what you would pay at the high volume studios.

Ok, so WHY should I invest in portraits?

Parents, you know how quickly your kids are growing up.  It seems like each day they get a little taller, talk a little more, learn something new.  Newborns especially have such a small window of time between when they are "squishy" to get those curled up poses photographers love, to when they are flailing and kicking and grabbing.  


Since I spend so much time making sure I get the right shot, parents tell me over and over again how I've "captured their child just the way they are".  This makes me extremely happy since that's what I'm going for!  I especially love when your kids do quirky, cute little things during a session.  I WANT you to smile and giggle and say "Welp, that's our Johnny!"

A good photographers knows how to capture emotion, love, connection, and priceless fleeting moments.  When you look at a photograph, you should FEEL the connection, the moment, the emotion.  You are not just paying for a picture on a piece of paper. You are paying for an experience, a memory, and an portrait that you will smile/giggle/cry when you look at it.  

I may not be the photographer for everyone.  That's fine! But please, PLEASE remember that portraits are an investment for the future.  Parents: Your kids are only little once.... make sure you make the right choice with the right photographer that captures images you will want to look at down the road.  Brides/Grooms, this goes for you too (when your big day is over, what's left? The portraits!  Think about it.)  What you pay for is what you get; make sure you are happy!