Breastfeeding Sessions | CT Portrait Photographer

I want to share something with you that makes my heart so very happy. Something very important to me, personal to me, and something beautiful.

Breastfeeding sessions.

There is something beautiful about the bond between a mother and a child, especially while breastfeeding.  It's truly amazing as mothers what our bodies are capable of.  But for many (including myself!) breastfeeding is a journey filled with obstacles. It takes time, dedication, and patience.  Each momma has a different obstacle to overcome.  For some, baby is sensitive to dairy, gluten, etc. and those moms completely change their diet for them.  For others (such as myself) moms have to deal with babies with lip/tongue ties which make the process of breastfeeding very difficult.  

The idea of offering breastfeeding sessions came about when I was photographing my best friend's five month baby, and she asked me to take a couple pictures of her breastfeeding.  "I would love to capture that look she gives me when she nurses" she said.

At the time I was pregnant and I'll be honest I didn't fully understand what she meant or why she wanted those pictures taken.  Now, after having my first, I completely understand!

When I put out a model call for breastfeeding sessions, I wanted to capture the beautiful bond between mom and baby.  Those moments that are important to us mommas...when your baby holds your hand while they feed, or runs their fingers through your hair.  Or pinches your armpits (hehe).  I, personally, love these moments when they happen with my baby.  It's a moment him and I share, that only him and I share.  As a photographer these moments are pure gold, a true connection, moments that are not posed or constructed or planned.  Truly candid, beautiful, amazing moments.

These sessions are also important to mothers whose child is older and weaning.  To them, these sessions are a celebration between momma and child! That is amazing you have come so far on your breastfeeding journey! But, these mommas know their breastfeeding journey is sadly coming to an end, and it's important to capture these moments while they still happen.

Thank you to all the lovely mommas who answered my model call.  It has been amazing hearing your stories, your struggles, and your personal reasons why these sessions are important to you.  I'm so glad you are letting me capture that, and I hope I can help tell your breastfeeding story in the best way possible.

I hope when your children are older you share these portraits with them.  Tell them about your journey.  Show them how beautiful it was.  

And if you are reading this and are interested in a session for yourself, please contact me.  I would love to capture your breastfeeding journey as well.

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