Mama Kristi | CT Motherhood Photographer

This beautiful mama joined me for my flower crown sessions and I am in love with ALL of her images.  We met at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, CT at the beautiful rose garden (which still had a few roses in bloom!).  I love that place, I love the little bits of color in the background and the way the arches compliment a portrait.  This place is easily becoming my favorite place for a session!

Anyways, this session was amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  I know most mamas get nervous when their kids are running wild and crazy during the session but I LIVE for that...seriously! I love when kids are wild and full of energy, full of smiles and laughter and silliness.  It makes portraits fun and it makes them true to the children's personalities.

We caught a lot of these wild and crazy moments, and we caught some super sweet, loving moments.  A perfect session on a perfect day with a perfect family <3

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