Motherhood Session Giveaway-CLOSED

Every Thanksgiving I spend time thinking about how much I have to be thankful for; my family, my wonderful friends, my clients (who also become friends), my photography, my business, etc.  The biggest thing I am thankful for is that my business is doing well and that my family can buy the things we need and want.

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The holidays should be about giving back, spreading joy and compassion, and more importantly, showing love for one another.  I know that a lot of mamas are struggling this holiday season.  Sometimes unfortunate circumstances fall upon us, challenging us, breaking us down. We push forward for our kids, doing the very best we can.  Trust me when I say I understand.  I've had rough patches too.

That's why this holiday season I'd like to give back, even if it's just something little.  Instead of flooding your facebook feed or inbox with the latest and greatest holiday deals, I'd like to ask you to nominate a mama; someone you think deserves the gift of a motherhood session.  A mama who treasures the moments captured of her and her babies.  My hope is that maybe by having beautiful portraits of her own, her holiday season will be a little bit brighter.

Also, for nominating a mama and being an amazing friend, you will receive a little gift from me as a thank you, (to be emailed after you fill out the form).  

And please, this holiday season, always be compassionate to one another.  Take time to hold the door for someone, to help someone in need, to pay for a coffee or meal for someone who needs it.  Take it upon yourself to do one kind act a day.  Maybe if we all do these things, the world may be a better place <3

Nomination Form (please only nominate ONE mama, thank you!)

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