Mama Marie | CT Motherhood Photographer

Pregnancy.  Its beautiful, and it's hard at the same time. It's amazing to think that a baby is growing inside of you, nourished by you. At the same time pregnancy can be hard; it can be exhausting (especially during the last month or so) with that ever-growing baby taking up so much space inside.

The best part of this time in pregnancy is knowing you are so much closer to meeting your precious baby.  You dream of meeting them for the first time; who do they look like? Will they have your eyes? You dream of how they grow, the wonderful traditions you will start with them. How they will call you mama with the most precious voice. How they will snuggle into you with their tiny bodies, fitting ever so perfectly.

And you try to dream about how much you will love this little human, but you don't have any clue.  This little baby will fill your heart with so much love, so much real, raw, genuine love.

I remember when I was pregnant and scared about childbirth, the one thing other mamas couldn't describe to me was the love you felt upon seeing your baby for the first time.  It's the best feeling in the world.

So no matter how exhausting or difficult pregnancy can be, it all leads to the most wonderful moment in your life <3