Printing Your Portraits | CT Motherhood Photographer

Mamas, today I'd like to talk to you about something very important; printing your portraits.

Now, I know with technology these days it's great to be able to have portraits on USB's to view and print at your leisure.  To share instantly with friends and family through social media.

Here's the deal, mamas.  I feel like it is my responsibility to provide you with something tangible.  Something printed.  I BELIEVE it is my responsibility as a photographer to provide you with not only the best quality prints I can find, but a print that I trust will stay with you and your family for generations.  I believe it's my job to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect printed artwork for your home.

I get it, I really do.  Digital images, new technology, it's all really amazing.  And I get asked all the time if I provide all the digital images with my sessions.  How much for all the digital images? What if I only want digital images?

This is what I do;  I will give you the digital copy of whatever image you get printed. If you print extra copies for grandma, great! If it sits on your computer or in the cloud, that's fine too! I'm just happy because I know you have a beautiful print that you will enjoy for years to come.

When my son was born, I remember visiting my mom and us breaking out the old photo album of when I was a baby.  We wanted to see if my son and I looked alike as babies.  We sat together with this heavy, photo-filled album, flipping pages, laughing, and reminiscing.  There's something special about holding pictures in your hands that feels so right, it feels like a prized possession.  It IS a prized possession.

I was watching The Handmaid's Tale (possible spoiler alert ahead) and it was the scene where they were getting ready to flee this new Gilead.  They had to throw away their phones, and their few prized possessions, but Luke managed to save the photo album and baby book.  Out of everything, that is what he couldn't part with.  Granted, their situation was the extreme, but it got me thinking; what is important to us?

I'll tell you what is important to me.  Having portraits filling my walls, showing my son how much he is loved.  Him holding a picture of our family, pointing to "mama", "dada", and himself.  Seeing him smile and laugh, which makes me smile and laugh.  Knowing that down the road, when he is an adult or a father, we will break out these baby portraits again and laugh, smile, and reminisce.

I know this is important to you too, mama. I promise you, when you have a session with me, that you will have something printed.  Something to enjoy on a daily basis and something you will be able to enjoy with your children when they are grown.  Moments important to you, but mostly important to your children.  And if you're a breastfeeding mom? You are normalizing breastfeeding by showing your pride in printing your breastfeeding portraits. By seeing these portraits hung on the walls like artwork, you are showing your children it is completely normal and absolutely beautiful for a mother to nurse her child.  I promise to guide you through the ordering process to choose the image and print sizes you want and you need.

I promise you that your prints will last 100+ years.  That the matting and the paper are the highest quality to ensure your memories will last even after we are gone.  Your moments, your memories, and your family is important to me.

Even if we don't end up working together and you decide to choose a photographer who gives you a gallery of digital images.  Promise me you will print those portraits.  Don't let them sit in a folder on your computer.  Print them out, look at them everyday, show them to your children and ENJOY THEM for what they were intended to be.