Mama Virginia | CT Motherhood Photographer

Meet Virginia.  The kindest, most beautiful soul with the biggest heart in the world.

I met Virginia when she reached out to me asking if I needed a hair and makeup artist to work with. I honestly believe every opportunity we are presented with will flourish into something we never imagined.  Not only is she so good to my dear mama clients, but I we have created this amazing friendship.

I've watched her overcome struggles while breastfeeding. I've watched her build this beautiful bond with her daughter, and how much it meant to her.  When her daughter was a little younger, Virginia was hospitalized.  She fought so very hard for breastfeeding help and assistance, feeling scared THIS would be the reason she had to end her journey.

I think when we become mothers, something greater grows in us.  We become mama bears, protective of our young, ready to fight for our children, for ourselves, in a way we never have before.  I watched this mama struggle to receive assistance in the hospital, I could feel and empathize with her frustrations.  I wished I could hug her, to be there with her, to cry with her. As a fellow breastfeeding mama I know that feeling of not getting the help and support you know you need, and how frustrating it can be.  But this mama wasn't giving up! She pushed until she received the help and support she needed and deserved.

Now, she is nearing the end of her breastfeeding journey, and I feel so blessed to be able to help her celebrate this special time in her life.  The love of her family, the acknowledgement of her strength & perseverance, and the celebration of such a wonderful journey <3