Why I LOVE in home sessions, and you should too | CT Family Photographer

A couple years ago I received an email from a mother looking to schedule her family’s portraits. I always chat with my families beforehand so they can feel more comfortable around me, and I learn all about them.

This mother shared her experience in the past, working with photographers with full studio spaces. While she absolutely loved the experience, loved the props and backgrounds (including a full size bed!) she felt her pictures were missing something.

“You see,” She said. “It wasn’t OUR bed.” It wasn’t our space, our things.”

And that’s when it clicked for me.

Your home, it’s sacred. It’s special. It’s an extension of YOU. It is an embodiment of your family, your love. It’s your decor, your style. Why wouldn’t you want this beloved place as the backdrop to your session?

This is the place where your family shares love. Spaces within it hold significant meaning, and I want to photograph you in those spaces.


Maybe it’s the couch you all cuddle on during Friday night movie night. Or your favorite glider in the baby’s room where you nurse and rock your baby to sleep every night. Or the bed where you and your children all snuggle and sleep at night.

An in home session also allows for a more comfortable, intimate session. The children are more comfortable and cooperative because they are within their own space. It’s easier to capture more intimate moments when you feel comfortable within the space you’re in.


The other advantage of being within your own home for your session is if you want to change outfits (or the baby has a huge blowout), you don’t have to go far, or stress about another outfit. Snacks, toys, etc, are all available throughout our session.


During in home sessions, I love to let moments unravel. While I do guide and pose my families during, I’m excited to capture what happens when you forget the camera is on you. To me, those are the sweetest moments, the moments that matter most. We will utilize the natural light within your home (so no big intimidating flashes or lights!)


Now, a lot of my clients get nervous that their homes aren’t perfect; the toys in the living room have taken over, the house isn’t 100% clean, the laundry is still sitting on a basket on the floor. PLEASE don’t let that deter your from a session, and please don’t think your home needs to be completely spotless for a session! You have kids! Don’t worry, if something ends up being on camera, or in the way, I will happily move it over or crop differently in camera :)


Lastly, please remember that these images are not only for your benefit and to enjoy, but for your children to grow up enjoying as well. This is the space they are growing up in, creating their memories within, a very special place for them as well. Years from now, when they’ve grown and moved out, they will love looking back at these moments, this home they love so much. Do it for them.

If you are interested in an in home session, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me. For more information about sessions in general, please visit my portrait sessions page.