Mama Camylle | CT Family Photographer

Back in November I put forth a model call, searching for family sessions that included grandparents and even great grandparents.

My reason for the model call was personal for me.

This past summer I had the idea of capturing moments between my son, and my husband’s grandfather. I wanted to capture their special bond, and the moments that happen during our visits with him. Also of my nephew with him.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to capture that as he passed away this past fall.

I felt a deep regret in that I didn’t take those pictures. I would have loved to have something other than cell phone pictures to give to my son as he grows older.

That is when I asked local families to participate in a model call session to celebrate family’s with grandparents and great grandparents. I wanted to inspire other family’s to invite their parents and grandparents to sessions, because they are just as important. Camylle was one who reached out to me.

When Camylle and I first talked, she told me how much her mother adores her son. How she loves watching her son and mother interact; the look he gives her, and how sweetly he watches her as she sings to him. You see, that baby is the light of her mother’s life.

So we spent some time capturing the beautiful moments between a mama, her son, and her mama. Moments we love, but never knew we needed. Moments showing real life, in all it’s beauty.