Mama Lisa | CT Breastfeeding Photographer

Talking with Lisa during her breastfeeding session brought me back to my days nursing my son. Dealing with tongue/lip ties, having low supply, my son struggling to gain weight, it was a very trying time for me. I obsessed over being successful at breastfeeding to the point it was making me crazy.
Lisa was telling me about her journey, and how she was approaching her struggles with this baby a little differently.

"Third baby, third time having very difficult breastfeeding struggles. The difficulties being incredibly different with each child. As the days passed by, nursing every 2 hours, pumping every two hours, bottle feeding, supplementing, 2am online ordering lactation supplements, lip tie revisions, decisions about more revisions, researching formula.... very quickly I realized I was heading down the same path I had with my first two. Straining relationships around me, refusing to deviate from my “exclusive breastfeeding only” goals, breastfeeding obsession. This was very tied to needing to have “something go my way” after very traumatic births. And that path was right for those babies. But this baby, he told me it was ok. Ok to not make myself and others around me crazy. Ok to accept that my body wasn’t making enough milk. Ok to only pump 3 times a day and accept donor milk from angels on earth with big hearts. Ok to nurse though he gets very little from my breast and just enjoy the snuggles and love. Ok to relish in the amazing birth we had and settle into a modified version of what I hoped breastfeeding would look like this time. And from the most sincere place in my heart, I couldn’t be happier in our journey" - Lisa

Maybe your plan went exactly how you imagined it. Or maybe your plan had to adjust or change. Whatever the case, you are amazing. Your baby is so lucky to have you. And lastly, remember to be kind to yourself <3