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Many of the families that get to know me know that I absolutely love what I do. I love meeting with families and learning their stories, forming relationships. I love photographing sweet moments that make my heart melt inside me. I love creating meaningful, deep portraits that I know families will gush over. But most of all, I enjoy creating physical, tangible, heirloom artwork for them to enjoy now and for many years to come.

A lot of people ask why I go the extra step and provide prints and artwork for my families. Yes, it is super easy to hand over a gallery of digital images and that be that, but I can’t bring myself to do that for my families.

But think about this; when you received those digital images, did you know where to print them? Did you even print them at all? Did you hesitate on printing a larger canvas or wall art piece because you didn’t know what size would work on the wall? Were you not happy with the quality of your prints and/or books?

That is why I print for my families. For me, I feel it is my duty to provide you with beautiful products that not only look amazing on the wall or on the desk, but they are also made to be enjoyed for MANY years to come. And I say MANY in caps because certain products (like my fine art prints) are guaranteed to last beyond 100 years. 100 YEARS! Did you know that your average print from lab xyz will only last about 30 years (and that’s if you keep it stored away, not displayed in UV light). Think about it; these prints I hand you will be able to be passed down to our kids. Our kids will have these moments to display in THEIR homes with THEIR families. I’m sure these prints will long outlast even us, and those memories will be even more valuable. When you invest in these prints, you are investing in something beyond the here and now; you are investing in your legacy.

My wonderful lab also includes a lifetime guarantee! If anything should happen to your print, we will replace it for you, no cost :)

Let me give you beautiful artwork, I know you are busy with the children and the family; let me help you with this so you have something to enjoy right away.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, but how would I even choose my portraits? It’s going to be so difficult!

The process is actually really wonderful! A few days after your session we will get back together, and I’ll show you between 30-50 edited images. From there, we will find the ones that make your heart all warm and fuzzy! The ones that make you smile everytime you look at them, the ones that make you tear up and feel something beautiful and deep. Then, from those, we will create something beautiful.

I wanted to use this blog post to mainly show you what your options are, since it’s hard to convey within words. Here goes!



The fine art print, one of the most popular choices by families! Why is it called a fine art print? This is a much higher end paper and print, with the base being a thick cotton paper (almost like cardstock for thickness!). I always tell families, this is the most beautiful paper I have EVER seen, and I’ve seen a lot of prints from a lot of different places! The contrast and the colors are extremely deep and luscious, making your portrait even more beautiful.

My fine art prints come archival matting, in standard sizes. You have the option of getting the edge of the print hand torn as well for added uniqueness!

Available in sizes 8x10 - 24x36 and available with custom framing.


The heirloom album; my next most popular piece of artwork. Why do families love it so much? Quality and customization!

When you pick this album up it’s clear it is made beautifully. It’s heavy, the pages are thick, and it just looks stunning. The pages lay flat so an image can be printed along the crease and not disrupt the flow of the images.

As you can see, it’s a gorgeous way to tell your family’s story. We design your album to tell your story accurately and wonderfully, going back and forth and tweaking it until it’s perfection.

The cover material can be customized, as well as the debossing on the front! Choose a pre-made quote, or create your own :)


The print box, another favorite! This is the alternative to the heirloom album; all of your images resting safety and comfortable in a beautiful glass box, waiting to be enjoyed over and over again.

Within in the box rests 4x6 prints from your entire session, wrapped in a lovely bow. These prints are also under the “lifetime guarantee”!


Another wonderful and creative piece of wall art, the wood print! A lovely linen print is mounted on a hand sanded piece of wood, ready to be hung and enjoyed.


This is a product near and dear to my heart; the portrait locket. A lovely add on after you’ve selected artwork from your session.

Available in gold, silver, or rose gold, this lovely locket holds either two or three of your most favorite moments of your most favorite people. The third image would rest on the outside of your locket.

These lockets make amazing gifts (and gifts for yourself too!).

Of course there are many more amazing products my families can choose from, including digital files, and gift prints. The choice is yours what speaks to your heart and what you love the most!

Remember that I am always here to help you create beautiful art, whatever that means to you <3

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