My Life, My Loves

Slowing down. Savoring moments.

I preach to appreciate this season of life. To enjoy these moments. But sometimes, I need to give myself the same little pep talk.

I started scheduling my day so I can balance running a full time photography business, create art I love, be inspired, keep the house clean, and spend time with my son. It is REALLY hard to juggle all of it! So I started blocking time off in my calendar for every little thing that way I could slow down and enjoy this life better. You would think scheduling everything would make life more chaotic, but it has actually done the opposite, and given me more time with my son.

One of the things I started doing with him is craft time. We paint, we color, we make windchimes, we make beaded snakes, we make toliet paper monsters (thanks pinterest!). We get messy and laugh and then play with our creations. It’s such a special time, just us together, creating memories and having a wonderful time <3