The Birth Story Book, Why I Love it | CT Birth Photographer

Meet, the birth story book; one of my most favorite products.

I became inspired to photograph births after my son was born, I loved the beauty in the raw emotion that occurs during and after the birth of a baby.

It was a different experience than capturing a session; I’m less involved with poses, more like a fly on the wall in the sacred birth space. I’m here to observe and capture every moment that tells the story of the family’s birth experience. There was such honesty with capturing births, real emotions; real tears; true love and happiness.

When I first began thinking of birth photography, and what I would offer within my packages, I knew right away the one thing I needed to give my families; a book. A beautiful, high quality book that tells their story for them to enjoy.

The wonderful lab that I use to create my heirloom albums (the most beautiful highest quality album I’ve ever seen!) also creates these hardcover books. I knew they would be perfect to give to my clients, to hold all of their beautiful moments.

But, why a book? I mean, I could just provide the digital images, but here is my thought; these are your intimate moments, your sacred moments, they deserve to be enjoyed (I mean that’s the whole reason you hired a photographer, right?). Do you know where to print them? Do you know how you want to print them? Do you feel comfortable with that lab printing them. Will that lab even allow you to print such intimate portraits?

See, that’s something I’ve thought about. I’ve thought about my own birth images, where they live, how I enjoy them, and how I would feel sending them to be printed (I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending them just anywhere). For me I wanted my birth photos to live inside a book, a place I could enjoy as I feel in a private, and intimate way.

I feel as though the birth story book is so much more. It’s a way we can tell our story to our children and invite discussion about the birth and experience. A way to relive moments we tend to forget.

Here it is; the birth story book.


My birth story book iss 10x10 size with a lovely hard cover. You can choose your cover material, from a variety of linen or silk fabrics. The front cover can be debossed with your baby’s birth date and name.


The birth story book is designed by us, together, you and I. You choose the images from your birth that you would like in the book (as many as you would like, there is no limit) and I will design for you. You may review your book entirely online, and approve pages or suggest changes.


The design is then printed on gorgeous archival fine press papers, and bound within the book.


If you are interested in documenting your birth through photography, the birth stories page will give you more information. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and for booking :)