Hi, my name is Sara.

I am a wife, a mother, a chocoholic, an artist, a dreamer. I graduated from Hartford Art School (where I met my husband). I worked at a portrait studio for a number of years, photographing children and families. I left that job to pursue my own career in the portrait world, thinking stylized children's portraits were my true calling.

Until I had my son, three years ago.

Never had I known a love so vulnerable, so true. When my son came into this world, it was like a piece of my heart left my body too, and was placed inside this tiny human. I had so many emotions and feelings about him, he was the most perfect little being.

When my son was about three months old, he was diagnosed "failure to thrive", and we struggled to successfully breastfeed. It was one of the hardest and most passionate things I have ever done. We succeeded (with the help of an amazing LC), and developed a beautiful bond like nothing else.

I felt compelled to begin taking pictures of other breastfeeding moms, celebrating them as most had struggled as I had. To them, these honest portraits were a reminder of everything they had done to get to this point, to honor this beautiful bond.

I began to feel my view of photography and sessions to change. I craved intimacy and realness with my clients. I felt myself drawn to portraits that held a deeper meaning, sparked emotion. I longed for moments that were genuine with genuine love, no forced smiles and forced poses. Maybe I just yearned to fulfill my artist's heart with images that meant something more.

So I started connecting deeper with my clients. I would listen to every person's story and laugh as they told me their funny stories, and cry when they told me their struggles and sadness. I wanted to capture the moments I as a mother craved to see, moments I wanted to feel through the photograph. I wanted my portraits to express intense and intimate love between families.

I live to create these special images for my beloved families. This is my heart and soul.