Breastmilk Jewelry Making Night - October
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Breastmilk Jewelry Making Night - October

Join Sara on October 19th for breastmilk jewelry making at Compass Wellness Center in New Britain!  Sara will take you through all the steps to create your one of a kind piece.


By purchasing your jewelry, you are securing your spot in this event. There is limited space for each jewelry night. Please be aware that the last date to purchase jewelry is October 5th (Jewelry is custom ordered just for you)

Preserving Milk

Sara will need your breastmilk prior to the event, also at least 1-2 weeks in advance.  Sara needs to preserve the milk in order for it to be mixed in with resin on the night of the event.  Once you order your jewelry and confirm your attendance to the event, Sara will arrange for pickup or dropoff of your milk.  Sara is very precise and methodical about keeping milks organized during the preservation process.

You may give Sara fresh milk, frozen milk, or unusable milk.  Even the milk that has been sitting in your freezer for years because you could never throw it away.  All Sara needs is about an oz of your milk (please no more than 3 oz MAX) and if it is frozen milk please double bag it (we don't want it to leak!). Also, please LABEL your milk with your first and last name.

- Will I be able to take the jewelry piece home after the event?

After you create your jewelry piece it takes about 8 hours for it to dry, and then another 2-3 days for it to fully cure.  Sara will provide a way to transport your piece home (you will have to be very careful), OR you may leave your piece with Sara at Compass.

-Can I order more than one piece of jewelry?

Certainly! You won't need to double your supply of milk to be able to create it either.  Sara will still only need 2 oz.

Please note before purchasing the Tree of Life locket! This is the only piece of jewelry that is silver plated (silver plated copper) and not sterling silver. This piece will require extra wearing caution for longevity.  

The Tree of Life locket will also need to stay at Compass to completely cure. It cannot be transported home that night.

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You and Me (where it all started)


This is a session to celebrate the both of you, mom & dad. You’re deeply immersed in this new season of life as a couple, as parents. No longer is it just the two of you, now you both share your hearts with tiny, amazing human beings.

This is a session for just the two of you. No kids, just you. A session to capture your connection, your love, the foundation of your family.

Sessions are simple; spend 20 minutes in front of my camera laughing, snuggling, staring deep into each other’s eyes. I promise to capture your connection, your love, all of it in a way that is true and genuine.


After your session you will receive a beautiful heirloom matted folio (4x6 size) and your choice of two digital images.


Current Available Session Times:

4:00PM, 4:20PM, 4:40PM, 5:00PM, 5:20PM, 5:40PM

To book your session, please click “add to cart” at the bottom and you will be able to select your session time when checking out.

You & Me Session Event
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